In 2013 at age 43, I experienced, what Doctors called, an ischemic stroke and after tests were run and they did their exam, they found out it was a lacunar stroke (which is a small, manageable stroke) and they thought I would be able to leave the next day but wanted me to stay for observation.   I woke up to find out that the stroke metastasized overnight rendering me completely unable to function.  This was now really serious, and I was in shock as I tried moving my hands, arms and legs and mouth and could not.

As I sat in my hospital bed, all I could think of was "how did I get here?"  The answer was unfortunately quite clear to myself, my family and my doctors.  Stress, bodybuilding, recently divorced, struggling for custody of children, owning and running 6 businesses, plus suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and drinking too much, the doctors called it "the perfect storm".  At this point, lying in my bed, trying to talk, with tears in my eyes, I knew life would never be the same again.

At one time, I was motivated by money, fame and pride, and in an instant my motivation changed to complete survival mode.   Fast forward to today, thanks to God, my family, doctors, therapists, and an abundance of support from friends, I am happily engaged, I spend the time I should with my children, and I focus on what life really is all about.  "Unfortunately most people should have a stroke  or a life altering experience to find the real joy you should have in life".

My story of terrifying fear, the unknown of what my life looked like moving forward and my personal fight back are all told here through my website; including live videos and blog posts with the intention of helping others on their 'journey' as stroke survivors or family members of stroke survivors.

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In 2013 Russ Phillip experienced a stroke that metastasized overnight rendering him completely unable to function by the next morning. This story of risk factors, fear, the unknown and the fight back are all discussed here through his video documentary series and blog sharing.

    2013 Stroke Victim
    2013 Stroke Victim

    Stroke survivor through hard work, excercise and rehabilitation. Russ has turned his life around in just three short years.

        Dedicating his life to helping stroke victims build their life back

        Russ Phillip
        Russ Phillip

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